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The advanced platform for every trader, which stand on the frontline of the global financial world and a forward-looking vision. Forex.

AVA FX Options
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Plataforma de Trading Avaoptions
  • Combination of spot and options types.
  • Expiration from one day to one year.
  • 40+ forex pairs, gold and silver.
  • Easy trading from software or web.
  • Advanced risk management tools.

Why AvaOptions?

Empowering you

AvaOptions helps you track the markets and enables you to bring your experience and knowledge into daily use.

Options types

Trade any combination of spot, calls, and puts on one dynamic platform to create your optimal options portfolio.

Time is your friend

Buy and sell options for a day, week, month or year – any timeframe you desire is available for you on AvaOptions.

Variety of instruments

More than 40 forex pairs, gold and silver with vanilla calls and puts, any day, any strike to diversify your day trading.

Risk management tool

AvaOptions includes a professional risk management tool for analyzing your risk, portfolio simulation, and much more.

Trade Options with limit orders

Trade using options stop and limit orders based on premium, giving you added control over your trade entry and exit.

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