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Our profit margin calculator is completely online and includes a calculator of pip values, a swap calculator and a margin calculator. These are at your disposal for all transactions.

This practical calculator will help you to calculate all bases of your trading positions including margin, the benefit point, long and short swaps, as well as volume. You will find the calculator particularly useful if you have several positions open across different instruments. To start, simply choose the data relevant to your position and click on “Calculate“.

Forex Calculator example

The rates used by this tool function with a 5-minute delay as opposed to the current exchange rates at any given moment.
This Forex calculator is based on the principle that no other transaction is open in your transaction account. If your account does have other open transactions, the values calculated will not take into account the reduced margin which applies.
The employed rates are the average between buyer and seller prices for each transaction. This affects the precision of the result.
Risk disclosure: Before you start speculating on the exchange market, please make sure that you are aware of the risks related to speculation by leverage and that you are sufficiently educated on the matter.

How to use Forex Calculator:

  1. Enter the instrument you wish to trade
  2. Set your account currency
  3. Add the preferred leverage
  4. Decide whether to buy or sell
  5. Finally, select the trading platform you are trading on

The calculation outcome will allow you to decide if or when to open and or close your position, the margin requirement, the spread, swaps and other essential info.

By using our CFD and Forex Calculator, you will be able to estimate the possible outcomes of a trade. Input the relevant information in each field to see stats like margin requirements, contract size, position spread, overnight swaps, current bid and ask prices, and more. Adjust the leverage ratio and tweak your stop and limit orders to plan a perfect trade setup.

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    Forex Trading Calculator:

    All-in-one calculator

    The comprehensive all-in-one calculator will allow you to calculate the margin, pip value and swaps required for the instrument to function, as well as the leverage and size of the position.

    Margin calculator

    The margin calculator will allow you to make the margin calculations necessary when opening and maintaining a new order. The margin calculator is fundamental, as it allows you to properly manage your orders, as well as to determine the size and the leverage of the order which shouldn’t be exceeded.

    Swap calculator

    In FX trading, a swap or a rollover is the interest rate for maintaining interest positions from one day to another. The charge is based on the interest rates of the given pairs and dependant on whether the positions occupied are long or short.

    Profit / loss calculator

    Before starting to trade live, each trader should know what they can earn or lose in live trading. The Profit / loss calculator is a simple tool which will show you the potential gains and losses.

    Pip Calculator

    The word ‘PIP’ means ‘Point in Percentage’. A pip is defined by the upwards or downward movement of the last decimal in a price. It is the smallest amount by which a currency can change; typically, this is 0.0001. This means that if EUR/USD passes from 1.2250 to 1.2251, this increase of 0.0001 USD in the pair is a pip. When you calculate your risk, it is essential to know the value of one pip in each position in the currency in which your account is set up. Use the forex calculator, Trading Pip Pip and calculate the value of one pip.

    Currency converter

    Converting currencies using our convertor is easy, quick, reliable and precise.
    Note: It is a rough estimation.
    This tool can only calculate rough estimations; it cannot provide a precise prediction of margin calls.

    Forex Calculator – Main FAQs

    • Why do I need a Forex trading calculator?

      To be completely honest you do not need a Forex calculator. If you can compute all your open positions and the proper trading levels by hand then you are free to do this at any time. However, the trading calculator is a tool that can save you a significant amount of time as it calculates margins, profit and loss, swap values, and pip values instantly. The time saved by using this forex calculator can be put to far better use in analysing your next trade.

    • Can I use the trading calculator to calculate the risk in each trade?

      While the trading calculator does not give you an objective measure of risk, it can calculate a number of data points that will let you know what your risk in each trade is. For example, you can use the trading calculator to determine your position sizing and your risk/reward ratio for any trade. Both of these pieces of information are very helpful in determining how much risk you are taking on with a specific trade. You can also calculate the value of each pip in your trade, which is critically important to know your potential profits and losses.

    • How are profits calculated on my forex trades?

      In any open trades you have you will see the profit or loss listed, which is the real-time mark to market value of the trade. You can close the trade at any time and this is the profit or loss you can expect. However, you might want to know at what value you will make ‘x’ amount of profit, and for that you need a forex calculator (unless you want to do the calculations by hand). IN honesty the calculation itself is quite straightforward as it is simply the position size multiplied by the number of pips movement in the position. So, if you want to know how much profit (or loss) comes from a 20 pip move you can easily do so with the forex calculator. It will even calculate the value of each pip in those pairs where the USD is not the quote currency.