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ZuluTrade is cutting-edge auto trading platform, enabling you to use its advanced features on MetaTrader 4

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Why ZuluTrade?


Simple and intuitive

Available for traders of all levels, ZuluTrade trading platform is easy to use and has a user-friendly interface and accessible layout.

Proven and successful traders

ZuluTrade generates a diverse list of traders to choose from, ranked by their winnings, followers and trading instruments


Protecting your account once the signal provider’s strategy changes or once his trades don’t do well.

Social trading

Share your strategy with hundreds of traders from around the world and follow their trading in real time

Trade from everywhere

You can web-trade on ZuluTrade, implement it on MT4 platform of download the intuitive trading app

  • Follow and copy seasoned traders
  • Wide selection of leading signal providers
  • Ranking based on success, currency and more
  • Risk management and strategy tools
  • Be part of a successful trading community
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ZuluTrade FAQ

  • Why should I consider using ZuluTrade?

    If you are looking for a good way to set up a copy trading system then it’s hard to beat ZuluTrade. You’ll get access to over 10,000 traders to potentially follow, and the powerful ZuluTrade search feature lets you narrow that number down based on a large variety of conditions. For example, you could specify that you need traders with a minimum of 1 year with the service who have a maximum drawdown of 30%, and who trade their own money too. And since you can follow more than one trader you could use the service to set up your own diversified mutual fund of traders that you’re following.

  • Is ZuluTrade a good service?

    ZuluTrade is considered to be one of the best copy trading services available. Over the years they’ve continued making improvements to the platform, keeping them in front of the competition in many ways. You can automate many of the features, take advantage of the huge ZuluTrade community for new ideas, create scripts for trading bots, choose from over 10,000 live traders to follow, trade on cryptocurrencies, and protect your account against erratic trades, plus much more. Plus you can link ZuluTrade to a demo MetaTrader 4 account, allowing you to test the features and trader performance before risking any real money.

  • Can you make money using ZuluTrade?

    The ZuluTrade service was launched in 2007 so judging by the longevity of the service it’s a pretty safe bet to say there are traders who are making money using the ZuluTrade service. The key is to be able to find traders on the platform to follow who have a solid strategy and consistent results. With over 10,000 traders to choose from there are definitely some who could wipe your account out because they have little to no risk management strategy. However, there are also many very good traders, and if you are able to narrow down your options to the best traders to follow you will have a chance at being profitable with this service.